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If you enjoyed our date and wish to write a review please do so!

Please do not write anything overly explicit. 

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There’s been so many wonderful things that has been said about Karina that I don’t know what to say, than to add “WOW”!


I had the pleasure of meeting Karina a couple of weeks back at her downtown apartment. The introduction, screening and booking was done in exemplary fashion by email and the meeting was scheduled for two days time.


This was my first outing since the scourge of Covid and I ever so glad, it was with Karina.


Karina, is all she promises and much, much, much more!


I won’t go into details, but just had to mention what a mind blasting, knee weakening, absolutely wonderful 60 minutes I enjoyed in Karina’s company.


Thank you so much Karina & hope to see you again on your return from vacation!

AUGUST 2021- pakaya -PERB

Just had the pleasure of seeing Karina Espinosa for an hour. She’s very warm, open, and easy to talk to with a beautiful voice that puts you at ease from the moment you first meet her. For someone so heavenly , she has managed to stay incredibly down to earth. It really is like having a girlfriend for an hour. Flow is very natural from talking into touching into sex and cuddles and talking after. She made me laugh and brightened my day. She’s very passionate and really made me feel like she was into the act. I left very satisfied and satiated. I would say she is the U (ultimate) GFE.

AUGUST 2021- whatthefuckman

Karina Espinosa - Do I need to say more? The girl is an absolute smokeshow, gorgeous face and a body of the goddess. Her nipples are one of the finest Ive ever sucked on, they just stick out like pencil erasers and her tits are huge with some firmness to them. Service is absolutely heavenly, she's probably top 3 Ive ever visited. She's smart and great to talk to as well, but damn, that body of hers is just gorgeous. Im definitely DEFINITELY repeating.

FEBRUARY 2021-filthyanimal -PERB

Well Gentlemen, 


This lovely young lady has already been reviewed multiple times, and all have been glowing and I am simply here to add another to the list. I haven’t been too active in the hobby lately, and the only place I have been visiting on and off has been Lily’s in North Van but since it was my birthday, I thought I would treat myself to a really great night. I booked with Karina about a week in advance, as I wanted to get a hotel and have a night out. Soon as I saw her ad on Tryst, I was hooked. And after checking out reviews here, My decision was made. Booking was unbelievably easy with Karina. I texted her the necessary information, along with a $50 Sephora gift card as a deposit for our 2 hour session.


Karina arrived exactly on time, and when I opened the door I was stunned at just how beautiful she is. Not only that, but I found out through our session she is a great conversationalist as well. We started off with some wine and had a little chat, then we moved to the tub and enjoyed some more wine there. We didn’t last long in there as I immediately wanted to begin the fun, so before you know it we were back on the bed haha.I don’t want to get into too much detail about the services as with everything YMMV, but I will say that it was a complete GFE session. She really makes you feel like she is your girlfriend in the moment; which was exactly the getaway I really needed. Would I recommend? Definitely, and I will be repeating quite soon. I have been an observer on this site for too long without contributing much, but that is changing!

I have seen Karina Espinosa last week. She is such a beauty. Amazing face and body. Highly recommended.

NOVEMBER 2020-bii  -PERB

I saw Karina this week and I have nothing but great things to say about her. She is a sweetheart, with a beautiful face and an amazing figure. Great location with plenty of parking at night. The pictures don't do justice. As soon as I walked in, I was left speechless. Man, such a beautiful lady with the sweetest smile. I won't get into details, but I got to spend an amazing time with her. Never had an experience like this before. I was a little shy at first but she made it so easy for me to get comfortable. We talked for a bit and everything else just happened with the flow. After I cleaned up, we had a really nice conversation in the bedroom while her really fluffy dog kept running around us hahaha. I really liked that as it helps to connect and get to know each other more, and everything becomes much nicer and respectful. 

Overall, I don't think you can compare her to anyone else. Not just sexually, she is a genuine sweetheart. Can't wait to meet her again. 

NOVEMBER 2020-ddriver -PERB

I saw Karina a few Saturdays ago and enjoyed taking in all her sensual energy in our time spent. If you're looking for a super sweet woman who is the definition of sexiness, set a date up with Karina. She is professional and true in all that she offers.


== Business info out of the way ==

- Advertises on Perb. Check out her video: Wow!

- Complete and Quick text messaging

- Takes e Transfers

- Incall location close to a near SkyTrain. Parking at night is plentiful, during the day may be a challenge.

- Incall is private and unit was clean and fully stocked



I originally wanted to see Karina last year but when my supposedly free afternoon was screwed by a coworker calling in sick and I had to cover, it delayed our meet. Karina was super chill about the goof up. Good things come to those who wait I guess.


Karina is gorgeous. What a sight when the door opens. Beautiful. We chatted about Netflix guilty pleasures, taking care of pets, and music amongst the topics. She was slowly caressing me as we talked, I'm always shy at first so it was nice way to wind down at ease, her energy and lead was good like this and much appreciated.


Quick shower and in the bedroom I'm greeted to such a sexy sight. All those videos and photos are absolutely accurate but at the same time don't do justice. Karina, to me, has one of the sexist and flawless body of any woman out there, beautiful face with perfectly long black hair, amazing natural curves, youthful softness, but firmness of a dancer, I was taken aback how perfect she was. 


Karina has excellent hygiene and mutual oral was lots of fun. She is very sensual with her technique and likes to take her time. Like I said, super fun. Kissing was equally as passionate and varied. Everything tasted wonderful. Having her beautiful perfect body on top and enjoying her rhythm and soft touch and kisses was a passionate time I wanted to savor. To take it all in.


Post fun chat was also enjoyable. Karina has a sweet soft voice and I loved the way it slightly perked up with enthusiasm when we talked about her passions and what she had planned for the remainder weekend. As I was getting up to go freshen up, seeing her perched up with her beautiful sultry look and perfect body had my knees weak. It's not every day that a muse looks at me knowingly.


I love Latina women when they are at their best, the sensual energy and zest for life and raw sexiness. Karina is one of the best. Sweet and devastatingly beautiful. Be a gentleman and kind, make sure your hygiene is top notch, and you will be greatly rewarded by Karina.

FEBRUARY 2020-Cardi604 - PERB

I had the pleasure of visiting Ms. Espinosa yesterday afternoon and I had a smile on my face all evening. She is in a condo downtown so if you are driving allow yourself some extra time as parking is an issue. There is metered parking in the immediate area at $3.00/hr. but construction at the time made it scarce.


Making the appointment was easy even though I had an issue and thought I may need to cancel. Karina worked through the issue with me and we moved forward to meet. From the moment she opened the door I knew I was in for a different kind of experience. Her photos and videos do not do her justice. She is a smouldering, sensual, exotic young lady who embodies first rate service. Her almond shape face displays her beautiful eyes and inviting, infectious smile. I found her soft voice and bubbly laugh to be intoxicating.


Once inside I handed over her mail and went for a shower. When finished I found Ms. Espinosa waiting for me on the bed in sexy red and black lingerie. Upon joining her on the bed is where the different experience began. It was like joining a lover or FWB, like someone I new. Some small chit chat accompanied by kissing and petting that was a passionate and sensual exploration. Her skin is like none I have felt before. It reminded me of porcelain. My hands exploring her body could not find a flaw. Karina is shapely and curvy with the perfect amount of wiggly and giggly but make no mistake this lady is firm.


I slid myself down between her shapely legs and assisted in the removal of her panties and began DATY. Simply wonderful in very way. From her hands constantly in contact with me to her arched back and sounds of pleasure. When she was done, she sat up and motioned for me to do the same. She then positioned herself on hands and knee in front of me for a slow sensual bbbj. 5 min. later Karina asked me if I would like to lay down. Well of course I would and thought I know what’s up next. Wrong. Karina had her own idea and she proceed to display oral skills far beyond her years.


As she came up and reached for the cover, her beautiful breasts grazed my face so what else could I do but sample. Her nipples harden at the touch my lips and tongue. If you watch the videos of her dancing you know this lady can go cowgirl on your ass, she did mine. Best ever, period! I’m sure the closet door mirrors added to this experience. After Karina finished, we switched to K9. OMG her ass is heavenly. The way this lady moves is a joy to behold and enjoy. I was getting close at this point, so we switched to mish. Being chest to chest with Karina was amazing. The kisses, the sound and yes the sweat added to that personal feeling. We switched back to K9 for the finish and what a finish.


We lay together spent, well at least I was. Our conversation spanned from where we grew up to our travels past and future. The intrudes of kissing and caressing each other were special and gave me a sense of caring.


I have said this of only a couple of other ladies I have seen so if you have to save up you monthly budget to spend a moment in time with Ms. Espinosa I highly recommend it.


You can find all her info on her website or on or


Repeat: Yes, at least as often as the budget will allow.


Recommend: Duh!!!


Thanks for reading.

JANUARY 2020-noahbody1964

Messaged and coordinated a time to meet with her via text, which was done very easily with no difficulty (this was a little over a month ago). Her incall is in Yaletown; a very clean and tidy apartment. The door opens and I think "HOLY F**K". Karina is honestly gorgeous. She is very pretty and has an amazing, sexy body (with a capital X). Lil Johnny was instantly pleased, lol. Offered me a shower but I told her that I recently had showered (I am always prepared and come fresh) so off to the bedroom. Out of respect, I don't like to go too much into details; sorry fellas. But let me just say that the BBBJ was stellar. There was a lot of pounding involved too. A LOT. Also, plenty of DFK and DATY. Total was 1 hr and 2 shots, which with her was easily possible.


Karina is a very sweet girl and I felt that she provided a legitimate GFE. We had decent conversations throughout our time together which I enjoyed.


L -- 8.5-9/10

B -- 8/10 [her breasts and ass are amazing and would deserve a totally higher number, but I just prefer taller girls hehe]

S -- 8.5/10

A -- 8.5/10


Repeat? Yes. Treat her nice guys.

JANUARY 2020-og-maestro - PERB

I have been looking over the ad section for a while now looking for a beautiful Latin woman to spend a moment with. It’s been hard to make a decision with various beautiful woman with great review’s and some tempting images. I decided to reach out to Karina because her images have been catching my eye for a while.


Reaching out to her was easy I sent her a message and she had replied within a day. I usually have to plan an opening in my life so pre-booking is ideal for me. We set a time that worked and I texted her the day of to confirm and get the address. I texted her and I was buzzed up when I reached the location.


I walked up to the door and it opened and as I walked in an absolutely beautiful Woman began revealing herself to me wearing this elegant little see through piece that tied at the waste and hugged every little bit of those beautiful curves that Karina has on that delicious body. She greeted me with a hug and a few kisses I pulled her close and felt her body right up against mine. It was in that moment as I was running my hands down her back and feeling her hips that I knew I was in trouble. She asked if I would like to take a shower which I did and came out to find Karina lying on the bed as she waved me over and told me to lay down beside her. Karina had a way of making me feel very comfortable. I began to feel nervous the moment I saw her as she is a pretty girl with a body that for me personally is just what I’m looking for in this type of experience.

I laid down we started kissing with a little chatting in between with more kissing and touching as things started to get going. Things got going really quick and Karina was responsive towards me. The little bit of clothing began to come off revealing more of those beautiful curves on that sexy woman. I won’t get into details all that much but I will say is that everything felt so good and was some of if not the best I have had to date. I did not last at all as the site of this woman and how it all felt made it hard to hold anything back.we chatted about various things that we both found interesting after until I was ready to go again. At that point we got going again and she can move her body in ways that few woman can. It felt like a sexy dance the way she can move those hips. After she finished me off again we chatted some more and noticed it was time to go. She offered another shower which I accepted and was lead to the door and let go with a hug and a kiss. That hour went by too fast and was a memorable experience with a very beautiful and interesting woman. She came across as a very down to earth and sweet person. I love talking to these ladies as I always learn something interesting in these experiences.

I don’t do this often at all but every time I do I have seen a woman with a good reputation or with positive reviews. All my experiences have been great but this experience I had with Karina has been my best one for various reasons. I did not discuss any acronyms or request any type of service. I just simply set up a meeting with her and showed up. Although I had inquired about restrictions before, I came in just respected her and what she did and let things happen as they did. She treated me very well and was very kind. 


One thing that I do want to mention is that her space is very clean. I would recommend Karina if you are looking for a sensual gfe as she will make you get lost in a moment of passion. 

I would see Karina again and would like to sooner than later but yet have to reach out to her to discuss the Possibility of doing this again.


DECEMBER 2019-LockedOn -PERB

Have seen Karina a number of time out west in Vancouver and she is awesome to say the least, very pretty girl with flawless skin and above all she has got to be the sweetest person you’ll ever meet, her pictures are accurate, so is her age and her passion for salsa dancing shows in her moves. One thing for sure after her visit there’s going to be a lot of ‘Oh my God this lady is something posts’. The Perb forum out west has many reviews on her. 


AUGUST 2019-boatboy, TERB

It’s been a while since I posted anything. Moved to Vancouver a few years back. Karina is the best there is in Vancouver. I’ve seen her nearly 30 times in the past year. I don’t need to see anyone else. 

Pics are her, 100%.

8’s and 9’s across the board for her looks, service, etc. I could give her a 10 for some things but 10’s are for shills or anyone who hasn’t seen more than a few girls. Hope there are no 10’s in my previous posts. Ha ha ha. 

Restrictions are no BBFS, CIM and Greek. She’s not a spinner, but it curvy and athletic. If you like Salma Hayek in Dusk til Dawn you will love her sexy body.

Treat her well gentlemen. 


AUGUST 2019-dinodino, TERB

B: 9/10 body to die for. Curves in all the right places. 

A: 8/10 loves to cuddle, she makes a real effort to get to know you. 

S: 9/10 view in doggy is amazing. If you’re a guy that likes the girls being on top she’s the one for you. She is a beast at riding.


Would recommend and def repeated.




I visited Van last weekend and had the pleasure of a multi-hour session with the lovely Miss Karina. She's so perfectly sexy! And a great personality, you guys are very lucky!

She replied to my email quickly with her availability and restrictions. A date was set, then she mentioned her new twitter promo video. Check it out. After I did I basically requested more time immediately haha. She happily obliged.


Upon arrival at her nice, clean incall I was very glad I did. Karina is stunning. Soft and curvy, yet firm and fit. She made me feel comfortable right off the bat with her easy going attitude and soft kissable lips. We started with a drink before some great foreplay full of mutual pleasure. Wow, slowly peeling off her lingerie was like Xmas morning!


She led me excitedly to the bedroom for more fun. The main event was over the top in every position, she sure knows how to move. Grinding, bouncing, fast, passionately slow, man I was in heaven! Between sessions we relaxed on the bed chatting about life and laughing, she's a very sweet girl to chill with. I especially loved how she constantly checked on junior's status to ensure he wasn't being left out on any of the fun! I work construction so the saying "a little less chit chat, a little more tap tap!" came to mind!


I can't say enough about Karina, an amazing visit all around 10+ in my opinion, she's really easy going yet passionate at what she does. And she does it well! I would recommend checking her website for things like rates, etiquette (I made the mistake of knocking), hot photos!


Recommend: Most Definitely!

Repeat: I did the next day!


First time for me so thank you to perb and all you contributors for pointing me in the right direction. Much appreciated!


And of course a big thanks to sweet Karina for making my trip memorable! Hope to see you again


-MARCH 2019-onthePERB

Karina Espinosa - she has a brand new website. Well reviewed on here, so I thought I'd try her out. It was 3 browns well spent for the hour. I have been disappointed on literally dozen of occasions when the photos do not show the face, but because the body is so good, you just think, how ugly could they be? Well, Karina's photos are amazing, and her face is amazing too. She exudes sexiness, but in a very demure way. I've been with many perfect 10's before, and I rate her a 10 in looks and body. For some the face may not be a 10 (but those lips!!!), for me it was. Regardless, she makes up in personality whatever some may find lacking elsewhere. What a sweet girl. I've been doing this longer than many of you have been alive, and spent more money on this than some people make in three years, but every once in a while you come across someone that is actually worth the money spent. She is a great kisser, let me do everything I wanted, and we went a few rounds. She was just too hot for me to contain myself for very long. Recommend, yes. Repeat, yes.



-MARCH 2019-WashboardAbsPERB

Let me start by saying all the ladies reviewed below had excellent communication, clean incalls, were very organized and are all sweet, kind and generous people. 


Miss Karina - mid 20’s, younger than I normally see, but my goodness is she amazing. Her pics on Perb are accurate and amazing. She’s blessed with a figure that’s incredibly appealing to me. Very soft and gentle personality. 100% GFE in personality. Very sensual. My session with her stuck in my head for days after. Everything about her is in my wheelhouse. Definitely a repeat. Incall West End



-JANUARY 2019-GardenerPERB

Karina 7550


L: 8

S: 9 dfk, msog, bbbj

A: 9.5


Recommend: Yes


-NOVEMBER 2018-equidorPERB

Can't believe it took me this long to decide to give her a try!


I'll keep all the details out of this as it is personal and I hate to do acronyms, if you've seen my reviews in the past.


Booking was very easy by text, she responded promptly and was accommodating of my last minute appointment. Incall a bit out of the way, in a smaller apartment in an older building in West End. Incall was very clean and tidy. 


Karina was holy shit stunning. Tall, beautiful legs, curvy bottom, smooth skin, large squishy boobs, and beautiful facial complexion. Like I can't believe I got to spend an afternoon with someone as stunning as her. She was fun, enthusiastic, and nice to talk to. Great kisser and cuddler. I don't know what else to say other than that she is definitely one of my best finds recently, not that I play very much anymore.


Recommend? Definitely. If I get around to it.

-OCTOBER 2018-johnA27PERB

Karina caught my attention early in the summer. Her first few reviews plus her photos did it for me. Sadly, our schedules never gelled. She had to cancel it the first time and second time I had to cancel it which basically meant that I missed the $250/hr rate but no regrets. Finally I had enough of staring at her beautiful photos on PERB so two days ago, I contacted her and ladies and gentlemen, Karina 7550 has another fan.


A lot has been said about her. She is beautiful, youthful, sexy, sweet and sensual and she looked even hotter in work out outfit (that I had requested and she was happy to accept). I am not going to say much in details because it has all been said already. She is welcoming and friendly. Oh one thing I noticed, and strictly personally speaking, I think she looks a bit younger than her photos led me to believe. She is curvy in every sense of the word. Lots of curves and still flat belly. The way she responds to sex is very hard to explain. I think she is what you would expect from a Latina girl. Firm body, hot bottom and great pair or boobs. Watching us both naked in the bedside mirror was making me jealous of myself. Two naked bodies and mariachi playing in the background. She even gyrates her body to the music!!!! I wish I knew how to say, "Holy fuck! that was hot!", in Spanish. Within minutes, I knew this is going to be special so I asked her if I could extend our session, but she had plans. No worries, I will make sure we plan a longer session next time. 


Speaking of Latino women, In a lot of ways, she kept reminding me of Selena Latina, one of my ATF. Like Selena, Karina oozes sexuality. Only difference is that Selena is a bit older and her skin is darker in a sexy way. Like Selena, Karina is passionate and sexy and sweet and a total GFE package......... oh I could go on and on. I wonder what it would be like to have a duo with them. 


300/hr, in west end, pay parking on the same street about a block and a half away (east of the incall, on the other side of the major street across from the incall) . Older but cozy and clean little incall. Communication is prompt. Let me see, what else can i add........ ummmm. 


You know what, just go and see her. 


Recommend?: She is my 90th woman and she is easily in the upper echelon already. 


Repeat?: Take a guess. 


I often ask myself when I am with these beautiful, sexy women, "What have I done to deserve to be with these gorgeous women?" 


-OCTOBER 2018-take8easyPERB

Karina's pics in the selfie forum sealed the deal for me. I just had to see that amazing body in the flesh.


Super easy to set up an appointment a few days in advance.


Car troubles meant she was a little late getting to her west end incall.


Once there however, the dream began. Karina was attentive at all times and worked hard please.


She took control of the session, not in the same way as Inaya did, but more like a lover who you haven't seen in a while, who just wanted to get physically requainted. It was like she really missed my body & couldn't get enough.


An illusion, I know, but oh boy, I'll take it. 


Karina is fantastically sexy, extremely kind natured and can hold a good conversation.


She seemed to genuinely want to get to know me.


Repeat? A little dangerous ground here as she's somebody I could easily see myself falling for. If I can keep feelings out of it & keep it real, then I'd love to repeat.


Recommend? Take a look at her pics in the selfie forum & decide if she does it for you. If so, then her service orientated attitude & the way she makes you feel like 'you are the one' is enough for me to say 'go for it'. The only very slight downside is that her incall was in an older building deep inside the west end. Tiny elevator is a little dodgy & the location may be awkward to get to quickly, depending where you're coming from.


-SEPTEMBER 2018-BiffyClyroPERB

South-Amerian ========

Karina 7550


No need to say anything. The best south American style woman with best service. Best workout body with best service. Cannot find any flaws.


F 12

S 12

A 12


-AUGUST 2018-jiopPERB

Finally got a chance to see Miss Karina, and definitely worth the wait and hype.


To confirm, she does look like Kim Kardashian.


When I got into the door, we started kissing right away, and cock is already hard after touching her boob and body. Proceeded to the bedroom after shower, and her bbbj was great and very into it.

By the time we get to the main course, she started off with CG, and she could ride and she rode me hard. Watching her bounce around is such a great sight, and came pretty close to cumming.

Then switched to K9, and looking at backside was such a great eye candy, and nice finished the first shot there.


We chatted a bit and get to know each other, and completed one more round later.


She is definitely a nice GFE and I am already hooked for another long visit with her. 



-JULY 2018-Calbee ChipsPERB

Hey perb community! I'm relatively new here but I wanted to give you a review with an amazing experience I had last week Monday. Didn't have time until now because I was busy with work but I just wanted to share how amazing this woman is. 


For those who aren't aware who she is, she shares jaw dropping photos in the selfie forum and when I walked into that door.. literally her body is like Kim Kardashian.. but all natural. Not only that, her face is beautiful, she has that sweet cute smile of that high school crush you have and her laugh is also very genuine. The GFE experience in that hour literally made me feel we had a connection in communicating and with the FS.


To begin, I walk inside and room two things I notice, hot lingerie and a really clean room. She smiles and comes right to me and straight to DFK. Her lips are so smooth and soft where you can literally feel like she's sucking you in. Her breathe smelled so nice from the mint spray she used and there was a bit of tongue involved if you start it first. She definitely wants you take charge of the interaction, but of course in a gentleman manner. 


After a few minutes of kissing she undresses her bra and wow her breasts are natural 34DD-25-36.. I feel them and they are so perfect and start feeling them and sucking her nipples. Throughout the FS, she looked really sensitive when you play with her nipples so thats a plus too. Once that's done, she pulls down my pants and goes straight to BBBJ... but I stopped her lol and said why don't I go shower first. She was totally caught off guard and laughed and i think she appreciated me being a gentlemen. Hey sorry for being blunt, but we want to treat these ladies well too right? 


Took the quickest shower of my life and dried myself up and she's lying down on the bed in that sexy pose with her arm holding her head and wow... literally her boobs and legs made her posture so sexy like those models.. So i jumped right in and did more DFK and again.. beautiful face = beautiful view. I then lie down and she gives me that BBBJ and she goes hard by moving her head up and down. She didn't really give me any eye contact but i think its because she really loves to give it to you.. Then I go and DATY her and finger fuck her at once and she was wet.. what made it even better was when I take a mini break from DATY and while continuously fingering her I can see her touching her breasts and closing her eyes with that grin on her face.. She was also shaved down there and it was bright pink like peach and looked beautiful. Boy it does feel good to see a girl feel good in what you give. 


Now let's go to the important part.. i always ask whats the girls favourite position and she said she liked going on TOP, so we started with that.. and wow she rides you like a cowgirl in a rodeo. That wiggling motion literally made it a unforgettable experience and she loves it when you grab her ass and thrust her slowly. I'll say this again, but awesome view. On to the next position which was doggy! We lifter her up and off to humping we go.. the best part was that she a closet mirror right beside the bed and she was watching me fuck her.. I'm sure many guys like that. After all that, I usually like to end it with missionary looking at her and it was the best way to climax while playing with her nipples and kissing her while fucking.


Despite all that.. we still had a lot of time left and I'm not really fast in recovering so we just lied down and chatted and talked about our lives... Like i said before, she's really good at lighting up the room, ask open ended questions and making you feel comfortable with her. She touches your hand, nipples, and even does BBBJ to help you get you back up again haha. Anyways we obviously did more cowgirl, missionary and ended it off from there. Talked a little bit more and I took a shower, said my goodbyes and told her how amazing she was. 


I know god is fair... but he sent an angel called Karina down so my review below is pretty biased lol: 





I know some people might not like new guys reviewing here, but I found out about her here in this community board and I wanted to share how great service she gives. Hope this review was a good read for all of you and for all you future gents visiting her.. please treat her well! Thanks for reading and HAPPY CANADA DAY!


-JULY 2018-dl0325PERB

I’ve been admiring Karina’s pics at the Selfie Forum for quite a while now. Her boobies and booty call to me at a subconscious level, beckoning me to go play with them lol. But with the lack of reviews of her and her lower price point, I let my skepticism rule the day; she was too good to be true. Then, my favs Allison Paige and Azryn Angel both went on vacation at the same time. lol What’s a guy to do? I took a leap of faith and booked Karina...and it was one of the BEST decisions I made this year!



I went to see Karina with very little expectation. If her boobies and booty are anything like her selfies, I would’ve been one happy guy. But when Karina opened the door, I was stunned by how pretty she looked. No, Karina is not super model beautiful; she is more the wholesome GND pretty. With long black hair, sweet friendly smile and pouty, luscious lips, I was instantly hooked.



If you’re into big, plump boobies and firm bubble butt on a sexy, athletic bod, Karina is your NIRVANA! Standing 5’4”, with natural 34DD’s, a flat stomach, and firm meaty buns, I could NOT keep my hands off of her. Her body is similar to Tiffany Black, Renata Wilde, and Adriana Luxx; all curvy, toned, and sexy AF. I wish I had an extra set of hands just so I could play with ALL her "assets" at the same time. Lol



Karina is one of the best first date experience I ever had (exceeded only by my favs AP and Azryn). No, she did not fk my brains out like Melanie Campo, although I think she would if that’s what I wanted. No, she fk me like a girlfriend fking a boyfriend—full on DFK, hips wide-open, arms wrapped around me pulling me closer, hips grinding upward to meet my thrust, hands exploring, hungrily, feverishly. In fact, it was so sensual and raw, I never made it pass missionary. And my big O was so intense and lasted so long, I thought I was done for days. lol

As there was still some time left on our 1 hour date, Karina and I just cuddled and chatted. Then she wanted to show me some Latin dance moves. To my amazement, watching her hips sway and feeling her butt cheeks move in my hands (yes, my hands are always there lol), something came back to life. I requested an extension to our date and Karina happily obliged. And off to a vicious doggy we went. Damn, Karina can BANG!

LFK, DFK, BBBJ, DATY, no CIM or COF. Be clean, polite, and respectful and just have fun!



Karina is a very friendly and chilled gal who loves sex. Be a gentleman and she will treat you like a king.

Her famous words: “I don’t need a boyfriend. I need a cock friend." lol



Karina is a true gem! Not sure why there hasn’t been many reviews of her so far. I suspect some fellow pooners not wanting to share. But she is a total steal at her current rate and I plan to see her as often as I can in rotation with my other favs.


-JULY 2018-NightHawkPERB

I typically gravitate towards slim CBCs, preferably spinners but wanted to try something a bit different. Have fantasized about banging a girl with some booty so when I saw Karina's selfies (posted on this forum), I was intrigued.


Not many reviews other a few from her short stint in Victoria but enough to take a shot. Another atypical of me as I don’t poon often so tend to go for sure bets.


Pre-booked the day prior. Easy process via text. Requested an outfit from her pics, which she agreed to. On the day of our date, the ad of a lady I've been eyeing for a while popped up on LL and I almost considered canceling on Karina but I know how it feels to get bailed on at the eleventh hour so kept our date.


Glad I did. Walked in to find a sexy taller babe with a booty. Think Beyonce booty / thighs / height. She is not thin by any means, I would say athletic body / height proportionate but she oozed sexiness. From the moment I set my eyes on her I felt her sensuality. She looked hot in my requested outfit.


Got to the action right away and pretty much non stop other than me stopping the action to take breaks in between periods of ecstasy. She kisses well, gives a good BJ (I was offered and took BBBJ) and we partook in various forms of foreplay before the main event, which I enjoyed.


You will not be disappointed with this girl. I recommend and will not hesitate to repeat.


-APRIL 2018-downtownboy30PERB

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