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“Walked in to find a sexy taller babe with a booty…she oozed sexiness. From the moment I set my eyes on her I felt her sensuality”


“Dancing transforms everything, demands everything, and judges no one.” ~ Paulo Coelho, Brazilian novelist


I view my life as a dance.  It is one of forward movement and evolution with new adventures at every spin and turn and experienced most passionately with a partner.  


Like the ideal dance partner, I’m elegant, graceful, and alluringly feminine.  I also

exude a girlishly flirty, devil-may-care spontaneity and playful sexiness that belies a

willingness for whatever thrill or challenge is posed to me.  


My unique combination of poise, good humor, soft-spoken demeanor, and down-to-earth sensibilities make me the rare companion for someone who seeks sophistication and intelligence, but also an insatiable appetite for fun.  People who have gotten to know me have observed that I possess an uncommon combination of sensuality, warmth, and passion that is both alluring and irresistible.  


And if you happen to be an animal lover – particularly a dog lover – then we already share something in common.  My dog I are almost inseparable and anyone who feels as compassionately about their pet as I do is already fast on their way to becoming friends with me.  


If you too seek a genuine dating experience with a vivacious partner who shares your passion for liberating adventures and a life lived to the fullest, then I am your ideal woman.  Whatever the occasion – formal or informal – you can rest assured that you are with a woman of grace and refinement with whom you can always feel at ease. An ideal evening with me can mean sharing exotic cocktails at an urbane lounge, experiencing fine cuisine at a trendy restaurant, or dancing to the sounds of live music. Afterwards, we can let the evening, our moods, and our desires be our guide…


My lust for life compels me to follow my curiosity to wherever it may lead – whether it is

to some exotic destination…or merely the bedroom at the end of the hall.  My tastes range from an appreciation for simple gestures like receiving flowers and a thoughtful note to decidedly more extravagant indulgences like fine dining, vintage wines, and globetrotting to

exotic locales.  Whatever captures our fancy or whim, everything is all the more enjoyable when done with someone with whom we have a meaningful connection.  


Care to join me for a dance?...



I’ve enticed you with my photographs and you’ve read a bit about me, now let’s get more up-close and personal.  I am a twenty-six-years old, five-foot four-inch-tall woman who thrives on maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.  With my long, dark brown hair, olive complexion, and voluptuous 34DD-27-36 curves, I am certain that you will want to get to know me better...and better…

Height: 5'4" - Weight: 140lbs - Age: 26 

One Small Tattoo - Ears Pierced

Body Type: Curvy/Athletic


How To Impress A Lady On A Date

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