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Want to indulge in some racier online fare than what’s on this website?  Then be sure to visit my Karina Uncensored OnlyFans page where you will find me having naughtier fun including Solo Play, Nudes, Girl-Girl, Boy-Girl  content, and more! 

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To dance with me is to know with me.  Since childhood, dancing has been my passion and obsession.  As I grew older, dance also became the artistic vehicle through which I expressed my creativity and emotions.  I survived university by teaching dance classes and was even part of a performing team for several years. 


My love of dance is so encompassing that on more than one occasion, my travel destinations have been inspired by places that are rooted in salsa music.


As a professionally trained dancer, I still seek out every opportunity to dance.  The videos below highlight some of my more provocative conceptual dance projects.  

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