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Tour Rates

For dates while I am touring the US, please refer to these rates in USD. All dates more than 3 hours require social time.

1.5H (minimum): $1000 

2H: $1350 

3H: $1800

+$600 each additional hour. 

Social Dates:

1.5H Social/2H Private: $1900

2H Social/2H Private: $2100

Overnight (up to 14H): $4500

24H: $6500

48H: $9000

72H: $12,000

+$1000 each additional day


Screening & deposit requirements for US touring:

Provide one reference from a provider you have seen within the last 6 months. Kindly reach out to the provider to ask/let them know you will be using them as a reference.

A selfie of you holding up your ID. Your name must be visible in the photo, but you can block out any other information.

A valid phone number as well as a link to your business site that can verify your identity OR a LinkedIn page that contains enough information to verify your identity.

Provide an introduction of yourself and the preferred date, time and duration you'd like to book. A deposit of 20% is required.

*I don't accept same day booking. I don't go to private residences.*


Please email me an introduction of yourself and the details of where, when and for how long you like to book. I do have booking minimums within Canada, US & beyond. I don't go to private residences. Airfare and other travel related costs are to be covered as well. Lastly, please refer to the screening requirements above. 

Have something else in mind?

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