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Maintaining Discretion
  • For in-call appointments, please arrive on time at my Yaletown location, unless we have agreed that you may arrive early. Otherwise, please wait in your car or take a short walk until I contact you.  For the sake of discretion and decorum, please be considerate and do not loiter outside the building, engage with me in the hallway, or knock on my door.  At our agreed upon time, I will open my door to welcome you in.  I will greet you properly once you are inside.  If you are running late please give me notice in advance. Otherwise, I may have to deduct that time from our date if I have other commitments that day.


  • I expect you to be courteous and respectful in all our interactions – before, during, and after our time together.  I am a sensitive, caring individual with personal limits, needs, and boundaries. I expect that you will always respect them.  If I feel that there are any transgressions towards my boundaries, I will end the date immediately.


  • I ask that you place the donation in an envelope in a visible spot within the first few minutes of our meeting. To avoid any awkwardness, please don't make me ask for it.  If we are meeting in a public place, please hand the donation to me in the form of a card, book or gift bag. 


  • Proper hygiene and cleanliness are very important to me and make for a more enjoyable time together.  I ask that you please arrive freshly showered and groomed – minimal cologne (or none at all). Likewise, I will be fresh and ready for you.  For your convenience and use, my in-call location offers fresh towels, all-natural no-scented soap, and mouthwash.  


  • While gifts are never expected, what woman isn’t delighted by a thoughtful surprise?  For thoughtful gift ideas, be sure to visit my Gifts page.   


  • Be yourself!  Come as you are, open-minded and ready for our very own exciting adventure.


No reference policy. I do not provide references for our time together and will not accept a reference for screening. 

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